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At the section GENERAL CATALOG, each work is preceded by a number that indicates the order of composition. At the section Editor is indicated the type of the copy (Copia Hel=heliographic material; Manuscrito=Manuscript photocopy; Copia Finale=Finale digital file in this case the score is avaliable in PDF format) or the editorial institution when exists. In Textos ( when exists) is indicated the author and the title of the work. The duration of each work is aproximated and indicated in minutes and seconds.The observations corresponded to generals informations about some relevants aspects of each piece (comissions, recordings, importants repremiered, etc).

At the section DISCOGRAPHY, the indication "audio" signifies that is avaliable an Mp3 audio link of a part (generally the begin) of the work. The indication "part/score" signifies that is avaliable the score in PDF format.

In some scores only appears a maximum of 15 pages. If you wish to obtain a copy of the whole work, please contact to e-mail that is indicated at the open page of this site

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